🥇 7 Best Video Games Where your Choices Matter - 【2020】
best choices matter games

🥇 7 Best Video Games Where your Choices Matter

It’s becoming more and more common to come across video games that show us how the adventure is going to unfold. Decisions are the most important part of the game, as they will define our end and the fate of some characters. However, most titles that rely on decisions make you think you’re in control, but always lead you to the same place or leave it all up to a final decision.

That’s why today we want to bring you a selection of video games where your choices really matter and in which you can see with your own eyes how the adventure changes. That is precisely what you will find in the list below with some of our proposals.

7 Best Choices Matter Games

Mass Effect Trilogy

The end of Mass Effect 3 outraged many fans of the BioWare saga, as they said that nothing we had done before was reflected in the end. Yes and no. The ending was always the same, but throughout the game we saw all the decisions we had made in Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 being applied. One of the best things we’ve ever seen in the wonderful world of video games.

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The Walking Dead: Season 2

The first season of The Walking Dead by Telltale always ended the same way, but in the second season they managed to surprise us. In the final stretch we had to decide whether to kill Jane or Kenny and later decide whether to live with the survivor of that confrontation or live alone with AJ. Unfortunately in The Walking Dead: A New Frontier those decisions were almost anecdotal, but in Season 2 they were critical.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The whole Witcher franchise is full of decisions that change the course of our game, but in The Witcher 3 CD Projekt RED took it even further. Depending on how we acted at certain times we would get one of three possible endings, while other decisions affected Geralt’s romances or the fate of characters and populations as a whole.

Heavy Rain

What is perhaps the masterpiece of the French studio Quantic Dream up to now always led us to a similar ending, but everything changed depending on who had survived until then or what decisions we had made. In fact, the Origami Killer could end up behind bars, murdered or escaping with impunity. It all depended on what you had done during the game, so you were responsible.

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Until Dawn

The development of Until Dawn didn’t change one iota no matter what, but the strength of the Supermassive Games game is that the fate of all the characters in the adventure is in our hands. Depending on how we do it or what decisions we make, we can either end up with all the young people alive and escaping the nightmare or all of them dead because of our terrible decisions. Everything depends on us.

Game of Thrones

Another of the Telltale games in which our decisions have more impact is Game of Thrones, which at one point of the game forces us to choose between one sibling or another from the Forrester family. That doesn’t just change the whole ending, but should also affect the second season (which is currently at a standstill until the end of the series). We don’t know, however, how Telltale can solve the ballot.

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Rather than decisions Undertale is an action game where we can choose to kill all the enemies that stand before us or a peaceful way to spare everyone’s life. It is not about decisions, but choosing one or the other path will make our game and, above all, our end directly antagonistic. Night and day, heads and tails. That is precisely the true greatness of Undertale.

These are for me the best video games where your choices actually matter, I hope you liked this post and help us share it with your friends on Facebook. Regards !

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