💥 The Best Current PC Racing Games - 【2020 】
best pc racing games

💥 The Best Current PC Racing Games

Do you think you have the ability to master your vehicle and keep others behind you? It’s time to put yourself to the test with the best racing games. Below, we’ll show you the best options for PC car games that will allow you to be the best behind the wheel, but virtually. This is the best current pc racing games. 

The best pc racing games

This list is not a top, rather we have put the PC racing games we like the most here at Tech1985. Download and enjoy them

Forza Horizon 4

The best car festival is at Forza Horizon 4, where you can drive over 450 cars. You’ll get to know Britain by driving around in it, competing, performing stunts and creating your own car dealership.


In MudRunner the races are led by trucks driving through wild terrain. The game focuses on a simulation of the hard work of truckers, where they must move through territories where no one accepts orders anymore and you will have to fulfill your mission of moving all the material from one place to another.

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There are three game modes: single player, multiplayer and challenge.

Beach Buggy Racing

It is a classic game of go-karts where we will have to win the races by beating our rivals with the power-ups that we will pick up along the way. Beach Buggy is modelled on the video games by Sonic, Mario Karts and Sega All Stars Racing, because it is inspired by them.

As you’d expect, the competitions are not easy, but they are fun, with obstacles, traps, shortcuts and jumps while you drive. You can show off with the amount of weapons and powers you get in the game. Available for all consoles for free from the official website.

WRC 8 FIA World Rally Championship

The WRC Championship is the most important in the world and you must win it. But the weather conditions are a hindrance as they make driving stability difficult. Rain, snow and hail have a greater impact, simulating the game to the real world. It has 100 tracks, 50 teams and 14 countries.

Dirt 4

For me one of the top car racing games for pc. Dirt 4 is a demanding approach to the world of rallying, where you’ll encounter narrow tracks and have to make more precise controls of your vehicle.

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In this heiress to the legendary Colin McRae Rally your skills will be put to the test as you compete on asphalt, dirt, snow or mud.

F1® 2020

The official game of Formula 1 with licenses from both teams and drivers and circuits. You can also compete in F2 this year.

Without a doubt, this racing game is an ode to graphic quality and realism, as you will always compete in great scenarios just as the Hamilton, Bottas or Vettel do in real life. Speaking about pc racing video games this is a really good one.


Wreckfest is characterized by its unique madness of driving and destruction, with epic crashes and metals flying through the air. The wildest races are experienced in this video game appreciated by players who love speed and destruction.

Side protection, safety cages, engine power… You decide the strategy in this PC car simulator that can be played online.

Best car racing video games for pc 2020

Team Sonic Racing

Its design is the same as the classic go-kart where the protagonists are Sonic, his friends and his not so friends. You will find circuits full of traps, shortcuts and powers. It can be played in solo mode, however, Team Sonic Racing focuses on playing in groups of 3, where you must collaborate with colleagues and learn to work better as a team.

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You can try the online mode to meet more participants. It is available for PC and all consoles.

GRIP Combat Racing

With GRIP Combat Racing we have to fasten our seatbelts and accelerate the pedal at full speed to run on the circuits where the current competitions are held. As you win races, you will unlock new and more difficult circuits. You can launch missiles, projectiles and machine guns at your opponents.

It’s a whole set of possibilities that defy the laws of physics and make competition a fantastic adventure.

Grid 2

In Grid 2, winner of a BAFTA award, you will get to know the illuminated slopes of cities such as Paris, Dubai, Chicago or Barcelona. You will compete with 12 other competitors and you will also be able to participate online.

We can also highlight the versatility of this game, as it is capable of putting the player in such different scenarios, where in some you win by speed and in others by strategy. In fact, they are so changeable that the same circuit can be modified on the fly.

Pure Rock Crawling

We have 5 4×4 cars to choose from and we won’t have any stories or tutorials to play with. Rather, with a little bit of instinct and witticism, you’ll understand what this story is all about. One of their goals is to make sure your car doesn’t get stuck or fall over. Here we’ll put speed aside and focus on precision on a slow but cautious path.

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With Pure Rock Crawling, you’ll get a new driving experience, bringing you a model you’re not used to. It’s currently in beta and you can buy it at a lower price and even suggest changes to the developers.

Assetto Corsa

One of the most realistic of all the alternatives detailed here, as you can even appreciate the heat cycles of your vehicle’s tyres. The smallest detail has been taken care of, both graphically and in terms of driving, as several manufacturers have collaborated with us.

Here, you will also be able to drive on some of the most mythical circuits on the planet such as Spa, Monza or Silverstone. To enjoy this experience, you can download it now from the PC games pages

Rocket League

This video game has turned out to be a total success, but what’s so special about Rocket League? Its plot is very simple but practical and fun at the same time. The game consists of playing soccer with remote control cars. The goal is to take the ball to the opponent’s goal and protect your area. You can play one against one and up to four against four. One of the best pc racing games of all time.

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You have a turbo, which you can extract when you drive around specific places on the field and you can use it to blow up the cars of the opposite team. In less than a month it has been downloaded more than 5 million times.

TrackMania Turbo

In this option you will also be able to escape from reality and compete on the most varied scenarios, with amazing loopings that defy logic. In the campaign mode you can unlock 200 new circuits and one of the advantages of this driving game is that you can also design your own circuits.

Actually, more than winning, the mission is to finish the race safely. There is a free version.

Dirt Rally 2.0

One of the most extreme options, where not even the most novice will have the option to rewind to get back on track through those complicated narrow sections. What’s more, even the game itself incorporates tutorial videos to help the player improve

Dirt Rally is a more realistic mode game (existing circuits in real life), so much so that it is possible to break the headlights in the middle of a night test.

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