🥇 Best Video Game Stories of All Time - 【2020】
Best Video Games Stories

🥇 Best Video Game Stories of All Time

There are people who have always thought that video games are nothing more than killing zombies, scoring goals or chopping wood and stone like crazy. While it’s true that video games are entertainment and that at first they were created merely for that purpose, we can’t say that they are actually just that. We only have to look at the most modern games to realize that they are true cinematographic works, capable of competing with any Hollywood movie and they have a secret weapon: interaction. Stay and keep reading the ones that are for me: The best video game stories of all time.

Top of Best Video Games Stories

I present my favorites as a Top, enjoy!

10 What Remains of Edith Finch

This game is a walking simulator. Something that happens with many games of this genre is that they are sincerely boring, something that does not happen here. The game surprised me because there are different characters and game modes. In this walking simulator we are Edith Finch, a girl who returns to her home in search of answers about her ancestors. In this place we will investigate about our ancestors, which suffer from a curse and therefore we will have to put ourselves in their shoes to solve the unknowns. It’s a game that I think is beautiful.

9 Prey

This game will surely surprise many people. For those who don’t know, there was a Prey before the 2017 Prey that came out in 2006. This game had the appearance of a harmless shooter but if you gave it a chance it would put you in the middle of a story full of mystery. In the story we are Tommy, a Native American who is abducted along with his girlfriend and grandfather by some aliens. In this game the whole culture of the Cherokee Indians is mixed together with the hidden alien stuff. It may seem like a strange mix but that’s precisely what makes it a magical story. The game may bring some tears to your eyes from time to time.

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8 Fran Bow

This video game can be defined in a few words as a mixture between Alice in Wonderland and some gore story taken from Edgar Allan Poe’s tales. Fran, our protagonist is 10 years old when a misfortune occurs; she witnesses the murder of her parents, so she believes she is an evil creature.

For this reason she is locked up in an asylum where most of the time we will spend elucidating whether what happens around us is a bad play of our memory, or if there really is some hidden and strange force behind it.

The game tells terrible things, yet it always does so with a tone of positivism, which leaves us with a certain feeling of joy despite having lived through a too cruel episode.

7 The Town of Light

This is another walking simulator, however this is not a game for everyone. Unlike Fran Bow, where we can find sadness mixed with positivism, in the town of light everything is sad and sparing. It’s not really a game that I enjoy, everything is very real and very dark, with a lot of melancholy. In this story we will be Renee, a 16 year old girl locked up in a psychiatric hospital in Italy in 1938. The building of the psychiatric hospital is a real building, recreated for the game which we will go through in search of memories.

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The game is for people over 18 years old, as I repeat; it is very real and has strong scenes, it will leave you with a strange feeling whenever you play it.

What I miss here and what happened to me is that I couldn’t stop playing it because the story got me hooked. We want to discover what mystery Renee is hiding and what dark stories surround the cursed building.

6 The Walking Dead (Season One)

Few stories have moved us as much as Lee’s in this telltale game. Telltale is a specialist in storytelling, its games resemble a kind of graphic novel in which depending on our actions we will have some repercussions or others. Telltale are the precursors of this genre, which has several seasons and are responsible for wonders like the wolf among us and game of thrones. Their story will really shock you and you won’t be able to stop playing it.

5 Firewatch

This little Indie game touched my heart, it puts us in the skin of a ranger who will experience what is the solitude of a watchtower in the middle of a forest. Our only company will be the local wildlife and the walkie-talkie conversations with a fellow ranger who is located many miles away.

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A lot of feelings are mixed in this game, with spectacular visual art that makes you feel like you are really in the forest. We will see the sunsets, the sunrise, we can climb rocks or interact with little animals that will appear in our path. All this makes us fall in love with both the environment and the video game itself.

Henry, our protagonist, is a wretched man with whom we will be easy to empathize, a great game.

4 Silent Hill 2

One of the best narrative experiences that exist in any video game. It’s not in the top 1 for 2 simple reasons:

  • The game is more about gameplay than about story, I mean, it doesn’t give us the story, we have to build it ourselves and think about it a lot to understand it. Many of those who play the whole game will not understand the story and will have to go to the Internet to find theories and explanations.
  • The other reason is that the game has so many endings and is so open to explanation that it lacks an ending that would end up with a great story.

Still, it’s one of the best playable experiences I’ve had and if you’re able to overcome the horror of Silent Hill and aren’t afraid of horror games it’s highly recommended.

3 Undertale

Here we have one of the most controversial games in the top. Perhaps many of our readers will wonder why you are in such a high position and others will wonder why you are not number 1.

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I think Frisk’s story is excellent and on a narrative level the game is flawless. The charisma of each and every character is undeniable and if you are able to unlock all the endings they will give you moments of laughter and also very sentimental ones. The problem with the game is its aesthetics, which will make many hardcore gamers back down, but if you are a lover of 8-bit and classic rpg this story will catch you.

2 Final Fantasy X

If the above position is going to generate controversy from our readers what can we say about this game?. The truth is that personally I could not leave down a game to which I have dedicated more than a thousand hours discovering all the secrets of Spira, the world where this game is developed.

The humans abused the technology destroying the mother earth, receiving as a punishment a cataclysm that returned them to the stone age. All the trace of technology was cursed and a religion was created around this whole movement. This game is not just a story, but such a big pile of stories, that it could easily belong to an epic fantasy movie saga.

Spira has its own religion, its own national sport (blitzball) and even its own language called Al-Bhed. There are different races, cultures and traditions within the game and what is best for me; an incredible love story never seen in the world of video games. I was really immersed in this story.

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1 To the Moon

We made it to the top. For the first place I based on what the title of this article says, “best video games stories“. I didn’t take into account gameplay, graphics or anything else, just the best story in the world of video games and this game is: To The Moon.

An indie game developed on a very low budget with a 16-bit aesthetic that would make Chuck Norris himself cry at the end. It’s one of those stories that’s best lived by yourself, so I won’t tell any more. If you trust me and you’ve reached this point in the article, play around and find out why it’s at the top of this article.

This is the only video game that has made me cry, I thought it was such a deep story that I can only recommend it to everyone. That’s why this game has beaten everyone else.

These have been my favorite video games stories. I know that many have been left out like, Final Fantasy 7 or The Last of Us but I could not make this article eternal. I invite you to share this post with the help of the Facebook or Pinterest buttons. I don’t ask for more than that if you liked it. Head over to the other categories and posts of Tech1985, we are sure you will find very interesting content. A big hug !

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