✨ How do Ragdoll Physics Work in Video Games? - 【2020】
what are ragdoll physics?

✨ How do Ragdoll Physics Work in Video Games?

Warm greetings to our beloved Tech1985 audience. This time I want to talk to you about Ragdoll’s physics. The development in the videogames has attracted us until today adventures that are quite realistic, thanks to the implementation of physical laws in the environment of the characters, in order to obtain a real behavior and a more detailed aspect.

What are Ragdoll physics?

Ragdoll is a type of physics engine procedure animation, which is often used as a replacement for traditional static death animations in video games and animated movies.

Early Video Games

Early video games used manually created animations for the character’s death sequences. This had the advantage of low CPU usage, since the data needed to animate a dying character is done from a certain number of pre-designed frames.

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A considerable increase in power

As computers became more powerful, limited real-time physical simulations became possible. A rag doll is therefore a collection of multiple rigid bodies, each of which is normally linked to a bone in the skeletal animation system of the graphic engine, linked by a system of constraints in which the bones move against each other.

When the character dies his body starts to collapse towards the ground. Respecting these restrictions in every movement of the joints, it often looks more realistic.

Where does the term Ragdoll come from?

The term Ragdoll comes from the problem that articulated systems (due to solvers’ limits) tend to have little or no muscle stiffness. This makes a character collapse like a ragdoll, often in comical or compromising positions.

First game to have ragdoll physics

The game ‘jurassic park’ showcased ragdoll physics in 1998. But it received very polarized opinions, most were negative as the game had a lot of mistakes. However, he is remembered for pioneering the physics of video games.

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Ragdoll physics goes beyond

The use of rag doll physics goes beyond the death sequence. There are fighting games where one player controls one part of the character’s body and the rest follows, even racing games like
the flat out series. Recent animation technologies, including natural motion euphoria software, have allowed the development of games that rely heavily on suspension of disbelief, facilitated by realistic physics of body muscles and nerves as an integral part of the immersive game experience. (Unlike the outdated use of canned animation techniques.

Ragdoll mixed with Animations

This technique was used in games such as Halo 2, Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and Modern Warfare 2, and it works by starting with a pre-made animation, and once this is finished, the ragdoll physics begin. This helps to give realism to the game as when enemies are killed they don’t die instantly but simulate “feeling pain” and grabbing an area of the body based on where they were last shot or damaged before they died.

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9 Ragdoll games for PC with few requirements

Games that have ragdoll pysics

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  • Manny the Fly
  • Ragdoll Romans
  • Ragdoll Launcher
  • Body Hiding Simulator
  • Ragdoll
  • Ragdoll Sandbox
  • Ragdoll Simulator
  • Yojimbrawl

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