Amazon Echo: How to erase everything you've said to Alexa - 【2020】
how to clear alexa history

Amazon Echo: How to erase everything you’ve said to Alexa

If you have an Amazon Echo at home, you have hundreds, if not thousands of voice recordings on the Amazon servers. Alexa stores all the commands. We’ll explain how you can delete them all at once.

It’s a little strange the first time you check your Amazon records. You hear yourself, your family or friends talking to the language assistant. You also hear false alarms where the echo has misinterpreted the activation word Alexa. Then usually somewhere in the background they are talking or you hear the TV. A bit scary: the recordings date back to the first day of use. Fortunately, you can finally delete them all at once.

Until now it was only possible to delete each command from the Amazon servers one by one. So if you use the Echo a lot, you can expect a lot of work. With the launch of Amazon Echo Show 5 in 2019, the company announced that it would make it easier – and offered a corresponding option. Let’s see how we can clear Alexa’s memory

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How to clear Alexa history?

But it’s not easy to find. To do this, you first have to open the Alexa app on your smartphone and tap the three dashes at the top. Then select “Settings” at the bottom. The next step is “Alexa Privacy”. Finally, select “Check Voice Recording History” in the window that opens.

Here you will finally find all the commands you have recorded. If you play on one of them, you can listen to the recording. Individual recordings can be destroyed by marking them and pressing “Delete selected recordings“. But it’s also faster. By pressing “Delete all today’s recordings” and confirming, all recordings made after 0:00 on the same day will disappear.

How to clear Alexa Messages?

If you want to go back further, select “Today” from the drop-down menu above. Here you can also select all recordings from the previous day, the current week and the entire month. And: it is also possible to get rid of the entire history from the beginning. In addition, you can enter a user-defined period of time for the deletion. Once you have made your choice, you have to tap and confirm the text link below it again. Once the data has been deleted, even Amazon has no way to restore it, Alexa’s boss Dave Limp said in a harsh interview.

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Those who want to erase history more quickly in the future can do so by voice command. You can also activate this option directly above the period selection in the same menu. The voice command “Alexa, delete everything I said today” makes all requests from the previous day disappear, even the last command can be deleted. But longer periods of time cannot be deleted by voice, so you have to use the application

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