9 Ways to make money playing video games - 【2020】
how to make money playing video games

9 Ways to make money playing video games

Hello, everybody, today we want to talk to you about something very interesting. Every day video games are becoming more and more relevant and more people are interested in playing them and why not? Make money with them. That’s why in this article we bring you 9 ways to make money playing video games. We hope to help you.

How to make money playing video games?

First, you can watch this video, it will help on your way.

9. How to be a game tester?

Being a video game tester is an exciting profession. Testers must spend hours and more hours playing the same videogame, with the objective, not only of passing from one level to another (which is not the most important), but of finding all the moves, strategies and mistakes it may contain. The objective is clear: to write them down, test them and pass them on to the game developer to correct and perfect the title before it is released.

But, how can I work as a video game tester? What do I need to know before entering this profession? Where can I get trained? How much will I be paid? Here we answer all your questions.

What exactly does a video game tester do?

Your own name says so. A video game tester is responsible for testing video games before they are released. What for? To report possible errors and inconsistencies that should not reach the final version of the title.

This is what video game testers usually do:

  • They play a video game like they would any game already on the market, but by examining it in detail. Their goal is to find bugs or errors that need to be fixed before the game is released.
  • They write down all these bugs (with the maximum level of detail possible), in the templates or documents that the developer has enabled for this purpose. In this way, video game testers make it easier for developers to quickly find the problem and fix it.
  • They check the texts and correct them. The language profiles are also responsible for correcting the punctuation, spelling and grammar of the game text. This includes the original language in which it was created, but also possible translations that will be released. In this case, the English language is essential.
  • They monitor and check that the bugs noted have been corrected. This involves not only a first revision (which requires an infinite number of items, by the way), but second and third revisions after the corrections proposed at the beginning have been made.
  • They propose and suggest changes to improve the game. And it’s not just about pointing out bugs. Some developers ask testers to be proactive in proposing improvements or suggesting changes to increase the quality of the video game, making it more suggestive and attractive to the public based on their criteria and experience.
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What skills are needed to be a videogame tester?

Videogame testers examine titles at different levels, so to begin with, these professionals need to have a great capacity for observation. In addition, they must be especially analytical, in order to find those details that for many may go unnoticed.

Keep in mind that many eyes pass through a video game during the development phase. But as in any creation, authors often lose perspective, because they are too immersed and busy with the development tasks, which are arduous and complex.

Videogame testers are also expected to be methodical and able to concentrate on detecting any loose ends in the design, programming and development phases.

8. Make money playing video games on youtube

Game guides aren’t the only place people go when they need information about a video game. Many players prefer to consult tutorials and videos in which they can see other players pass the parts that cost them so much, so they go directly to YouTube. If you videotape your games and upload them to YouTube, you can make a lot of money by monetizing them.

There are a few things to keep in mind if you want to make money by posting game videos on YouTube. Mainly, keep in mind that you always risk violating the copyright of those video games. Experts generally say that as long as you make comments while you’re playing, there’s no problem because you’ll be covered by the laws on using such games. To ensure this, YouTube only allows videos of games that contain permanent comments.

How to make money with YouTube?

To make money from your YouTube videos, you can use Google AdSense. You can open an account and then this service will add advertising to your videos. If someone clicks on one of these ads, then the system will pay you. To withdraw this money your earnings will have to reach a certain minimum limit.

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7. Make money playing video games on Twitch

Twitch.tv is another way to earn money with your game videos. It is a newer site, but it is dedicated exclusively to video games, so its number of visitors increases every day. To earn money on this site, you will need to fill out some forms and become a Partner. Once you have done so, you will be able to regularly charge amounts that will depend on the number of people watching your videos.

If you want to upload your videos there you will have to meet certain requirements set by Twitch. You must post videos regularly and have a substantial audience. You will then have to broadcast videos on Twitch without earning money for a while until you have enough followers to start charging.

If you really want to make money with YouTube or Twitch, the quality of your videos will be very important. While millions of people watch video game tutorials, thousands of people produce these videos. Therefore, the videos you make have to be very special to get attention.

Comments that are especially funny or clever, demonstrations that show interesting things or good advice can take you very far. Remember to do your best to make your videos different from others.

6. Earn money by competing in video game tournaments

This is a risky way to make money, but it can be worth it if you enjoy the thrill of competition.

Professional players should be the best of the best. And if you want to participate in eSports you must beat the best players in the world.

So, how do you make money playing video games? By winning tournaments.

Tournaments are common for PvP (Player vs Player) games, and the more popular a game is, the bigger the prizes are.

How to compete in video game tournaments?

If you are good enough to join an eSports organization, you can earn a living wage. Most competitive players also take advantage of the live streaming for additional income.

eSports is getting bigger, attracting more attention and more money. Plus, the prize pools add up to millions of dollars.

For starters, find a popular PvP game with many tournaments and great interest from tournament organizations. Practice, practice and practice.

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As you improve, get in touch with other professional players so that your name is known.

5. Make money developing video games

In the past, video game development belonged to a limited group of enthusiastic young people who, based on the scarce information from manuals and magazines mixed with knowledge of mechanics and electronics, spent hours in the garage, attic or basement to these fascinating new lands.

The course of time offered more technology and dissemination of knowledge and, with the introduction of numerous companies from all over the world showing interest in the area, video games became a complete industry.

The present day converted the dark basement with a couple of young people who had just met at the university into a whole world entirely connected among thousands of people expressing themselves in the same language.

Programming video games

Now everyone can program, because online audiovisual materials, help from expert and collaborative people, friends who want to network, and hardware and software tools make the road endless. And the medium is broader: it can be programmed for different operating systems on computers, consoles, laptops, web browsers, and so on.

Creatives can choose one language or another as well as change area and become an illustrator, sound designer, animator or project leader.

However, there is a negative aspect of this era: more developers, more games and therefore more competition. In other words, while knowledge has reached the furthest corners of the world, video games can also come from anywhere. However, if this is your passion and you take it very seriously you can make very good money developing video games.

4. Make money in eSports

One of the most prestigious championships within eSports is The International Dota 2. The last three editions are ranked 13th and 14th in our list of 50 sports tournaments with the highest individual earnings. The International Dota had a total prize money of $25,532,200 and the winning team, Team OG, took home $11,234,158. This is divided among the five members of the club, so it would be $2,247.00 for each of them.

The Fortnite Fall Skirmish Series competition is ranked 20th on the list, making it clear that it is one of the top video games around. Fortnite reached the public in 2017 and in a short time has positioned itself as one of the most important eSports. The total amount of the prizes was $4,000,000, of which $1,500,000 went to the winning team.

The increase of the prizes in the eSports tournaments helps to increase the popularity of the industry. More and more players from the elite of professional video games are becoming stars worldwide driven by their financial gains. Even some of today’s top players earn more money than professional athletes in sports such as golf, badminton, cycling, marathon and martial arts.

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eSPorts Earnings

If we dive a little into the prizes offered in eSports, we immediately notice their remarkable growth. The number of team and tournament sponsors, the number of players and the amount of professionalized games are increasing. In 1998 there were only 9 eSports tournaments or events, while in 2018 there were 3404. This is an increase of 37722% over a 20-year period.

The total money offered in prizes in the 1998 eSports competitions was $131,700. In 2018 it has increased to an incredible $151,229,517, which has clearly helped the professionalization of the sector in recent years.

3. Become a video game journalist

Do you want to be a video game journalist, working on analyzing titles and discovering that, unfortunately, they don’t give briefcases full of money for putting good grades on a game? Well, if you want to do it and not starve yourself in the attempt, follow the advice we give you in this article.

The first thing you need to know is that the profession is not at its best, and why? Very simple. A web page about video games or a physical magazine lives from advertising. For a company to want to advertise its products in these spaces, it is essential to have a high number of visits, exceeding two million per month, at least.

The problem is that with the appearance of youtube, those who want to consume information on video games resort to videos posted in this space, reducing the traffic that previously enjoyed conventional websites

How to be a video game journalist?

You can’t be a journalist or a writer of content about video games simply by wanting to be one. The first thing you have to do is play for at least 15 years and have a good understanding of the classic titles that are important to us, like the first Super Mario Bros., The Secret of Monkey Island and Final Fantasy VI.

Secondly, you have to be able to write easily. A good videogame writer loves to write, and has been doing so for as long as he can remember. I wrote my first novel when I was 15, it was a piece of crap, but it helped me learn.

The next thing is that you get your own voice. Think, why is your opinion and your way of expressing yourself more valid than that of others? What do you contribute? Why does your content have value? Why would anyone want to be interested in what you write? These answers are not given out loud, but start with a blog.

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Open one and prove to yourself that you are capable of writing in it every day for two years. Once you’ve done that, you’ll have a voice. Does this process seem hard to you? Well, it’s the basics, what we’ve all done. Remember, life doesn’t owe you anything, you have to demand what you deserve and earn it.

2. Working in customer service at a video game company

The big video game companies have their Customer Service and Sales departments (Game Advisor), for which they need tele-operators. These departments do not have to be in USA.

In Ireland, for example, they have many such call centres. Although most of these companies require you to speak English, speaking another language will open doors for you as well.

1. Making bitcoin by playing video games

The video game industry is one that is beginning to embrace blockchain technology. Some games even allow crypto-divine ‘mining’.

In recent years, the scope for using and investing in crypto-currencies has exploded, resulting in the emergence of more than 2,300 virtual currencies. However, the queen of the market, the one with the highest capitalization, is bitcoin.

This currency emerged on the Internet in 2008, with the outbreak of the crisis. Initially accused of being linked to more or less illicit businesses, its fame and market capitalization has not stopped growing since then. And, on a par with the crypts, the blockchain, which is the technology that supports them, does not cease to make headlines.

In the beginning, the mining of bitcoin (i.e. its manufacture) was something eminently homemade, within the reach of those who could devote enough power to it. Mining consists of dedicating computer processing power to verify transactions. For doing this work, you receive compensation in the currency you have verified.

Since 2013, bitcoin mining has moved from the personal to the professional environment, with the emergence of the first mining ‘farms’. However, although it is usually in small quantities, there are some methods of obtaining crypto-currencies such as bitcoin without having to pay the bulky price it is worth on the market. For example, via applications such as Lolli, which gives you bitcoins for making purchases in online stores such as Booking, Groupon or Sephora through their platform. Or, as we have been saying, playing online games.

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