🙂 Best Nintendo Wii Video Games for Kids - 【2020】
nintendo wii games for children

Best Nintendo Wii Video Games for Kids

When the time comes to give something away, among the star gifts is undoubtedly the Nintendo Wii, which has revolutionised the way videogames are played. But the question parents ask is always the same: What are the best Nintendo Wii games for children? Don’t worry, because there are some, and they’re very good too. But always remember that video games, like the computer or the TV, must have a daily time limit and always be controlled.

At Tech1985 we have made a first selection that we will be extending, of the best Wii games for children, although the order chosen does not imply that some are better than others. Take a look at them and decide which one best suits your children’s tastes and age.


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Wii games for Kids

7. Go Vacation

With over 50 sports and activities, the whole family can get together and play on this family vacation trip, Kawii Island. There are plenty of games and activities for the family to explore the island, horseback riding, surfing, motorcycling, and more. It may not be exactly the same as a real vacation, but a virtual vacation is better than nothing and allows us to dream…

One of the classic wii games for 7-10 year olds

6. Cars 2

If your kids liked the movie, they’re gonna love the video game. Players will train to become international spies and embark on exciting missions, a richer gaming experience than its video game predecessor Cars.

In this racing video game, the cars are characters that perform tricks, perform acrobatics, use gadgets, and display heartfelt emotions as only Pixar cars can.

Recommended age: From 7 years old

5. Super Mario Galaxy 2

The most critically acclaimed Wii game of all time, Super Mario Galaxy 2 is a brilliantly imaginative platform game in which Mario travels through the galaxy scores ranging from candy planet themes to giant puzzles floating in the sky.

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There are also plenty of new Mario outfits – our mustached plumber can turn into a rolling stone to crush enemies or become a bee to gain the ability to float – that help ensure no two levels are the same.

It can be a little difficult for the little ones, but a princess offers tips and demonstrations when players get into trouble.

One of the best nintendo wii games for preschoolers

Recommended age: From 3 years old

4. Epic Mickey

Designed by Warren Spector, one of America’s most acclaimed game creators, this fantastic game puts players in Mickey’s shoes.

Disney Epic Mickey is an action-adventure platform game for the Wii console that takes Mickey Mouse on a legendary journey of creativity and discovery. Mickey is transported to a wasteland, an alternative world created from Disney’s forgotten creative efforts, where he is given the ability to use paint and solvent to dynamically change the world. And he will have to do so if he is to become an epic hero. One of the classic Nintendo Wii games for toddlers.

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Recommended age: From 7 years old

3. Kirby’s Adventure Wii

One of the most charming games on the Nintendo Wii. I guess you all know this adorable pink platform ball from time immemorial. This game is a return to its origins in the most authentic and retro way possible. But this time, Kirby must join his enemies in defeating an even greater threat… It’s an ideal game for children aged 7 and up.

Recommended age: From 7 years old

2. Super Paper Mario

So “Super Paper Mario” is a super game, not so much in terms of plot but in terms of form, presenting us with an environment that is still paper-based, but with the particularity that now everything can also be seen in a three-dimensional way thanks to Mario’s special powers.

But it’s not just that, it’s also a way of showing how much Intelligent Systems has learned in this time with the “Paper Mario” saga, discovering that they’ve been able to combine what seemingly are two genres as disparate as RPGs and platforms.

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It’s an ideal game for young children, although you’ll have to help them solve the puzzles and solve a few other problems.

Don’t hesitate to get it for your kids.

Recommended age: From 7 years old

1. Mario Kart Wii

We like racing games, but we really love Mario Kart. This is one of the best wii games for kids of all times.

The gameplay is excellent, both with the controller and the wheel, but the latter ensures more fun.

Visually, the screens are amazing, full of color, jumps, curves, all adapted to the world of Mario. There are many characters to choose from and plenty of vehicles of all shapes and sizes.

We’re sure your kids will love. This is for us the greatest wii games for kids from 10 and up.

Recommended age: From 10 years old

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