SAP Data Warehouse Cloud - 【2020】
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SAP Data Warehouse Cloud

In May 2019, SAP introduced the latest branch of SAP HANA Cloud Services, the SAP Data Warehouse Cloud. As with other cloud services, SAP aims to make available the full power and performance of the HANA database for cloud storage.

What are the benefits of the SAP Data Warehouse Cloud?

The central idea behind the development of the SAP Data Warehouse Cloud is the unification of heterogeneous data into a single central system, along with enhanced data protection and advanced analytics capabilities.

On the one hand, the Data Warehouse Cloud offers ready-made templates for evaluations or similar, and on the other hand, it continues to integrate several different data sources, both from SAP and other providers. In addition, by using this enterprise solution, many other SAP HANA and SAP HANA Cloud Services functions can be accessed.

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Thus, the SAP Data Warehouse Cloud combines cloud-based data management processes with reliable, high-performance analytics in a single, comprehensive solution. This solution is also offered as Software as a Service (SaaS).

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud Features

  • Generation of various price models according to needs or scale
  • Uniform, consolidated view of all data and data sources that are relevant to your own system
  • Rapid and transparent assessments, as well as comprehensive and context-related information on the data used through integrated visualization tools
  • Reduced redundant data when sharing a cloud-based data storage service
  • Seamless integration with existing SAP software datasets both in the cloud and in local systems
  • Support for different types of data and mechanisms for the analysis of complex and unconventional data sets

Summary of Benefits

This is the most relevant benefits for me

In-memory data management

Increased performance, real-time access and improved data protection and security through the use of in-memory technology

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More efficient processes

By directly integrating all relevant data sources (whether SAP or non-SAP), results can be achieved more quickly and easily. All data obtained in this way can be reused in templates and thus contribute to the further development of processes.

Machine learning

Using pre-configured templates and self-learning, the SAP Data Warehouse cloud enables users to identify and capitalize on business opportunities more quickly.


The thinner cloud design and additional features make the Data Management Cloud much easier to deploy, configure and manage.

Cost Efficiency

Using the new cloud service not only optimizes the processes themselves and therefore saves costs, but also allows the costs of the cloud solution itself to be designed flexibly. In principle, only the functions that are actually used should be paid for.

The SAP Data Warehouse Cloud is currently available as a beta application. It is not yet known when the full version will be available. However, as a complement to SAP HANA Cloud Services and especially in connection with the SAP Analytics Cloud, the Data Warehouse Cloud certainly offers some features that enable end users to optimize their applications.

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