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πŸ₯‡ Top 10 Super Nintendo Co-op Multiplayer Games

Hey, guys, I hope you’re doing great. Today we have an exciting topic to talk about. Who hasn’t shared with friends and siblings hours and hours of fun with video games that allow for cooperative play? I have, and it was the best of all! Today I want to talk about those games that we at tech1985 consider the best in terms of multiplayer and a console that brings back beautiful memories: super nintendo.

10 Best Multiplayer SNES Games

As usual, we have designed this list as a top. This is our opinion, don’t bother if your favorite games don’t appear :). Leave us a comment indicating which games were missing from this must-have list. Let’s do it!

10. Sunset Riders

Sunset Riders. It’s an action video game, created by Konami in 1991. It’s set in the Wild West and had a version for Arcade machines and SuperNintendo.

In Sunset Riders, we took control of the four bounty hunters, who are the main characters, and they must eliminate the most wanted criminals, receiving the reward for their capture/murder.

Each of these criminals gives rise to a new phase, which begins with the classic “Wanted” poster with the name and reward of the criminal. Throughout the 8 levels, they will face all kinds of villains rescuing innocent and sexy women, all in a day’s work, with the aim of earning a little more gold and keeping the damsels.

The protagonists are slightly differentiated into two groups, on the one hand Steve and Billy use revolvers, while Bob and Cormano use shotguns. The main difference is that Steve and Billy are faster than Bob and Cormano, but they need more precision and more shots to finish off an enemy. For us one of the best super nintendo multiplayer games

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9. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time

The Ninja Turtles’ debut on the Super Nintendo couldn’t have been better. This time, in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time, they must fight their enemies through 10 different scenarios of the past, present and future. At the end of each scene, you’ll find old familiar characters such as Bebop, Rocksteady, Baxter Stockman, Slash, The Rat King, Pizza Monster and Metal Head.

The action in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time is fast, nimble and almost non-stop, all the enemies flooding the screen will attack you non-stop with any kind of weapon; the character animation is very good, faithful to the original animation and full of details, like when you throw a Foot Soldier on the screen and it looks like it will go through and fall on you. Definitely one of the best cooperative games on super nintendo.

8. Kirby Super Star

Kirby Super Star is a side-scrolling video game for the Super Nintendo and is the fourth platform game in the Kirby series, released after Kirby’s Dream Land 2 for Game Boy. In terms of storyline, it’s not a sequel to any title, although it can be considered a sequel to Kirby’s Adventure for its gameplay and visuals.

Instead of creating a new Kirby adventure, HAL Laboratory took a different path and divided Kirby Super Star into nine different games.

With the exception of the two mini-games, all the games use the same graphics and controls, but the only thing that really changes is the organisation and objectives of each game – the story, general rules and level design for each adventure.

The games are somewhat short individually, but together they make a great title with a lot to explore and great replay value. For my little brother this game was on his top co-op super nintendo games

7.Β Contra 3: The Alien Wars

Contra III: The Alien Wars is a game that I am very fond of: it was one of the games that I liked to play with my brother in our Super Nintendo, many years ago. And the fact is that to talk about Contra III is to talk about a time that, for many of us, was our golden age of video games: the 16-bit era.

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There were many games in that era; bad, good, regular and those that became classics. The classics are those games that were unlike any other, that reinvented a genre, that you asked for over and over again every time you went into vice, that stood out every time. Contra III is, without a doubt, one of those classics.

Contra III is a challenging game from start to finish, and a game that is full of emotions from the moment you start it. Compared to other games of its time, Contra III took everything to the extreme: it offered us more than 6 bosses in a single level, changed the perspective from one level to another, and put us in command of a motorcycle at full speed to then keep them hanging by jumping from one missile to another, all in one level. It was a roller coaster.

6. Secret of Mana

What’s interesting about Secret of Mana is that despite its appearance of an action role-playing game, the combat was somewhat more strategic than at first glance.

Part of that was due to the previously mentioned depletion system but also to the use of the different weapons we were collecting for our adventure and its upgrade system by orbs in the forge.

The sword could cut through the undergrowth on the path, the mace could break stones, and the whip could overcome insurmountable obstacles that would otherwise not be possible. Moreover, with each upgrade, its features as well as its damage improved.

5. Zombies ate my Neighbors

We will play the role of Zeke or Julie, two young people in charge of fighting this whole invasion. Zeke, with his legendary old school 3D glasses (the ones with red and blue lenses) and Julie, the typical American teenager with good eyesight but brave, will have at their disposal a real arsenal of weapons to be at home.

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Water guns, ice creams, coke cans, silver crosses, bazookas, forks and even potions that will turn us into a stunning bugs… any tool they find in their adventure can be used to annihilate the zombies we find in our path. Yes, I know it sounds like the mechanics that years later would make ‘Dead Rising’ popular, and you’re right.

We could consider this ‘Zombies ate my neighbors’ to be the great-great-grandfather of the Capcom game. However, the tone used in the title is also different because here we are talking about a parody of a tribute to the B series.

Our goal will be to go through different scenarios ranging from suburbs with houses to shopping malls through enchanted castles or pyramids, trying to save a number of neighbors scattered by them. Neighbors ranging from cheerleaders, babies, tourists, a guy taking a bath in the pool, another cooking a barbecue, dogs or girls jumping rope. These are just a few examples, there are more. It should definitely be in the top 10 SNES Co-op games

4.Β Super Double Dragon

Super Double Dragon is one of the best snes two players games. AΒ game programmed by Technos Japan Corporation and published and distributed by Tradewest for Super Nintendo in 1992, reaching the European market in April 1993. Under the name Return of Double Dragon, we found a beat’em up based on the Double Dragon universe, but with several new features.

As every good beat’em up will have the option of two players, one controlling Billy and the other Jimmy. The two-player mode has two more modes called A and B, with the first one consisting of players not hurting each other and the second one consisting of players being affected by each other’s blows.

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In one way or another we’ll have to go through various scenarios while facing the many enemies who will want to hit us, and in the end we’ll have to face a phase boss.

The main novelty of the cassette, apart from the renewed graphic section, is the wide variety of movements of Billy and Jimmy. This time they can punch and kick as usual, but now, thanks to the new punch blocking move, we can do several types of catches, either throwing the opponent in the air or using kick and punch keys. We can also use all kinds of weapons, some with quite spectacular moves.

3. Final Fight 3

Final Fight 3 continues with some aspects of the plot of previous games, although we really won’t miss anything fundamental if we haven’t played any of them, in this case it remains as something almost secondary. In fact, it’s a genre in which any minimal plot can already be a great excuse to start the action with fists, no big show is needed.

Final Fight 3 doesn’t have them, but once we get into its frenetic development, we won’t mind too much either. The events are appearing as we advance in the different phases (apart from the Intro, which tells us how all this revolt begins) in the form of static images with text.

It alludes, for example, to the Mad Gear gang, which was the cause of urban terror in Final Fight 2. When this was disintegrated, chaos reigned among the criminal organizations in the suburbs and tranquility once again took over Metro City where the action takes place.

But a new gang emerged dominant among the rest and tried again to take over the city. At the head of this one, Marshal Black directs and plans all the riots and tries to take over the city government. Luckily, their immovable mayor, Mike Haggar, is not willing to let this happen. One of the greatest two player super nintendo games of all time.

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2. Donkey Kong Country

The truth is, we don’t really know where to go from here. Because we could say a lot of things about Donkey Kong Country. You could comment on his fine sense of humour or the skill with which he has managed to make a very difficult but always possible game.

We could talk about how the textures and play of light make us “feel” that we’re on stage. We could also try to describe what it feels like to be chased on the top of a frozen mountain where the snow doesn’t let you stop and think or run away… But it would all be useless. Because the best thing is not the exceptional graphics, nor the amazing phases, nor even the brilliant animation of Diddy and Donkey.

The best thing is the incredible feeling it conveys, the gameplay it gives away and the confidence it has that any player will like it. The best part is that Donkey Kong Country is an almost magical game.

1. Super Mario Kart

Seen today, this first Mario Kart may seem very simple and primitive compared to any of its sequels, but at the time it was a revolution that caused everyone who came close to trying it out to get caught up in it for hours on end.

Probably from today’s point of view, the idea of a game like Mario Kart limited to just two players sounds even ridiculous, but at the time it was more than enough to ensure tons of fun. Also, the variety of game modes and the large number of tracks made this a very complete title that we had for a long time to play. Undoubtedly the best SNES multiplayer game for us.

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