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top tech gifts 2020

Technology Gifts: Ten Most Popular of 2020

Tech gifts are becoming more and more popular, especially at Christmas: Shopping events such as Prime Day or Black Friday are increasingly used to get popular electrical appliances at a lower price. But what was the most purchased in 2019?

According to 2017 statistics, tablets, smart phones, game consoles and smart watches were still the most popular technology gifts at Christmas two years ago. But the tide has turned: While back then the focus was mainly on technical gadgets, today what we are looking for are mainly practical and useful electronic items.

Black Friday is the best example: as a prelude to the Christmas sales, cleaning robots, electric toothbrushes, neck massage pillows or even cordless vacuum cleaners were the most purchased items on this day. Here it became clear that the focus in 2019 is different. If you are also looking for a suitable technology gift, you can be inspired by the most popular products listed below.

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Top Tech Gifts 2020

Although these gifts sold very well in 2019, they are still selling extremely well in 2020. Look at them and choose the ideal gift for your partner, children, friends or other members of your family.

1. Cleaning robot

If you had to clean large areas by hand in the past, this cleaning robot can take the work off your hands in the future: Whether laminate or wood, tile or stone, the device can clean all smooth surfaces without any problems. And not just once, but three times in a row. Thanks to intelligent navigation, the robot remembers where it has already cleaned and thus proceeds systematically and precisely. The cleaning cloths supplied are washable and reusable.

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2. Shiatsu neck, shoulder and back massager

Physical complaints such as tension headaches, back problems or muscle tension are often the result of a tense neck. This is mainly due to lack of movement in daily life, permanent stress or even incorrect sleeping position. You can remedy this with a Shiatsu massager: the rotating massage heads and the integrated heating function can improve blood circulation and relieve discomfort in the neck, shoulders and back.

3. Electric toothbrush

It may not be the most romantic gift, but it makes a lot of sense: Unlike an ordinary toothbrush, the one that works with electricity has the great advantage that the teeth become much cleaner with little effort. The integrated sonic technology cleans each tooth very thoroughly, one by one, in only two minutes. It doesn’t matter if you choose the Philips Sonicare EasyClean toothbrush or any other Oral-B model. Either way, you’re doing something good for you and your health.

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4. In-Ear Headphones

Wireless in-ear headphones are becoming increasingly important, especially for Apple products. If you find AirPods too expensive, you may prefer a cheaper model: The Queen Bluetooth Headset, for example, is a good alternative. Not only do they look good, they also have practical features (including touch control and a noise-canceling microphone).

5. Wireless hammer drill

The basic Bosch model is equally suitable for drilling, tapping and screwing. The cordless screwdriver GSB 18 V-21e has interchangeable carbon brushes and an all-metal gear. It comes with two 2.0Ah rechargeable batteries, a 40-piece accessory set, a charger and an L-BOXX 136 – which makes DIY enthusiasts’ hearts beat faster. The integrated LED light is also particularly practical for illuminating dark work areas.

6. Cordless vacuum cleaner

Do you also find it so annoying to have to constantly change the vacuum cleaner cable in order to clean every corner of every room? That’s probably what the designers at Philips thought. They have created a cordless vacuum cleaner with a 360° suction nozzle that allows you to easily vacuum up dirt and dust from all sides. With a duration of 65 minutes, hard floors and carpets are cleaned in a single pass.

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7. Eco Dot Smart Speaker

Among the most popular technology gifts are Amazon’s own products, which can be obtained at significantly lower prices, especially in the pre-Christmas period, such as the smart speaker with Alexa, or Echo Dot for short. By voice command, the device plays everything you want to hear: Songs from Amazon Music, Spotify, TuneIn or audiobooks from Audible.

8. Philips Hue Intelligent Lighting System

Not only smart speakers, but also smart lighting systems are enjoying increasing popularity, especially the Philips Hue Smart Home Lighting Control. LED lamps are simply switched on at the sockets and dimmed through an application. This allows you to control up to ten lamps simultaneously and set different lighting scenes. With 16 million colours, hot or cold, you can create your own lighting mood.

9. Lenovo Ultraslim Laptop

If you’re looking for a good, affordable laptop, the 14-inch Lenovo Chromebook S340 with Intel Celeron N4000, 4GB of RAM, 32GB of eMMC, Intel UHD 600 graphics and ChromeOS might be the one for you. The Ultraslim laptop is a real bargain if you need a normal laptop for everyday use.

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10. Pimple remover

This gift is certainly not the most beautiful either, considering what it is intended for. On the other hand, there are millions of people who suffer from skin problems and who would surely be very pleased to have their blackheads removed. The device may not be suitable for someone who is barely aware of technology, but family members or close friends should have no problem accepting this unusual gift with gratitude.

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