🤓 10 PRACTICAL Mobile Phone DEVICES - 【2020 】
10 smarthpone gadgets for 2020

These Ten PRACTICAL Mobile Phone Devices make your everyday life EASIER

In the age of mobility, the smartphone is our constant companion. We use it to make phone calls, take pictures and play games. And your mobile phone can do so much more: we introduce ten innovative smartphone gadgets.

Let’s not kid ourselves: We don’t really need most mobile gadgets, they’re just for entertainment and fun. And yet most of us feel an inner need to indulge in one or two devices. And why not? After all, most accessories are not only fun, but also have one or two useful functions.


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10 Smartphone Gadgets for 2020

1. All-in-one charging cable

There are several mobile devices in every home: from the smartphone to the tablet to the laptop. Since the devices are usually not from the same manufacturer, you will need different charging cables. This can sometimes be quite annoying, especially when you’re traveling. This is where the 6-in-1 universal cable can help: it has five connectors for six different connections.

2. Polaroid photo mobile phone printer

In the past, spontaneous snapshots at parties or on holidays were often captured with a Polaroid camera so that the images could be printed on the spot. In the meantime, the mobile photo printer has taken over this task. All you have to do is connect your smartphone to the device via a Bluetooth connection – then you can print the desired snapshots in no time and give them away.

3. Mobile phone case with bottle opener and lighter for festivals

You probably know the situation: whenever you need a bottle opener or a lighter on the road, you can’t find either of them. That’s why this mobile phone case for iPhone 6 and 6s combines several gadgets in one – on the back there’s a device to remove the crown caps, a screw for the camera tripod and a flameless lighter. In addition, the case is very robust and therefore especially suitable for festivals.

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4. Mobile phone projector for your home cinema

Many important stages in our lives (e.g. weddings and birthdays) are recorded by mobile phone. While many years ago it was still a tradition to review common experiences through a slide projector, today this is possible with a mini-transparent connected to your smartphone, tablet or laptop. This allows you to transfer all the videos from your mobile phone to your private home cinema in a comfortable and easy way.

5. Smartphone tripod for the road

Most mobile phones are equipped with high resolution cameras, so the quality of the picture is as good as with a digital camera. However, for a perfect snapshot, a steady hand is needed so that the image does not blur at the crucial moment. This is where a flexible Smartphone tripod comes in. With its movable legs, it can be placed anywhere and controlled remotely via Bluetooth. Therefore, it is ideal for holiday photos, group photos and emotional moments.

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6. Mobile phone holder for your bike

If you ride your bike to work every day or if you like to ride on two wheels, we recommend this sturdy mobile phone holder. It can be attached to the handlebars in a few simple steps so that you have a good view of it at all times, which is especially practical if you use your smartphone as a navigation device. Alternatively, there are also waterproof handlebar bags for your bike, to keep your phone dry on rainy days.

7. Mobile phone camera lens for better pictures

Whether Apple, Samsung, Huawei, HTC or LG – you can attach this lens to any mobile phone from the outside and take extraordinary pictures: With the fisheye lens, the optics are highly distorted and a hemispheric panoramic image (180 degrees) is created. The macro lens provides a tenfold magnification at a close distance of only twelve to fifteen millimetres. The CPL lens, on the other hand, eliminates annoying reflections on surfaces such as glass or water. As its name suggests, the wide-angle lens can magnify or double the angle of shot.

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8. Waterproof protective case for mobile phone for the holidays

As practical as smartphones are on vacation, you can’t take them everywhere with you. Especially at the pool or beach, there is a particularly high risk that the phone will be damaged by external influences such as dust, sand and moisture. This makes it even more important to store your mobile phone in a waterproof protective case with a waterproof quick-release system. This way you can easily carry your faithful companion with you or hang it around your neck.

9. Surveillance camera with motion detector

Whether you want to keep an eye on your child or your pet, this small surveillance camera has a professional 150 degree angle lens and can record video as soon as there is movement in the room being watched. The application that you install on your smartphone allows you to watch the footage without any problems from anywhere. As an additional trick, the camera has a night vision mode that automatically turns on if the light is insufficient.

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10. Smartphone joystick for players

Players require many things! With this joystick that includes a telescopic stand, non-slip grip, turbo button and acceleration function, every game on the mobile phone becomes a real gaming experience. Just connect the controller to your smartphone via Bluetooth and the adventure can begin! Finally, some good news: the joystick fits both Android and iOS devices.

What did you think of our article on the best phone devices? These gadgets will help you a lot in your daily life and we are sure that many more will be created as technology advances. Don’t forget to share us on social networks and check out all our related articles, we’re sure you’ll love their content.