๐Ÿฅ‡ The 25 Scariest Video Games Ever Made - ใ€2020ใ€‘
the 25 best horror games

๐Ÿฅ‡ The 25 Scariest Video Games Ever Made

Hello everyone, today I bring you a most exciting post. Who does not win the morbidity from time to time and discover precisely for that reason new mystery games? That’s my case, I love horror games and thanks to the morbidity and excitement I’ve become very involved in this category of games. Here are what I consider to be the 25 scariest video games ever made.

25ย  Scariest Video Games

I have left you what for me are the best video games in the form of a Top (as usual). Go into this obscure article and you’ll see that you’ll want to run out and buy the games you don’t have.

We have selected the 25 most terrifying games of the generation, from November 2013 until today.

25. Observer

The developers of Layers of Fear, Bloober Team, broke away from their usual psychological terror to present Observer, a bold cyberpunk setting dystopia. The result is a great combination of mental tricks that will make you slowly question the reality of the game world.

24. Echo

Echo may not be your typical horror game, but its main hook – being hunted by clones of the playable character who use your style of play against you – creates a constant sense of unease and tension every time you question every move you make.

23. Anatomy

With less than an hour to play, Anatomy makes the most of every moment, guiding you through a house of almost zero visibility. Developer Kitty Horrorshow told Slate “a jump scare is when you attack the player; a scare is when they have to do something, even if they don’t want to”, and scary scares are what Kitty Horrorshow displays to great effect in Anatomy.

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22. Layers of Fear

Bloober Team has a special ability to distort reality, and the ever-changing home of the crazy Layers of Fear artist is that distortion in its most effective form. While his tricks become more predictable and therefore less terrifying, as he progresses, Layers of Fear reaches impressive heights of terror in its opening hour.

21. Prey

When any everyday object could be a murderous mass of black goo that changes shape, it’s hard to feel safe in Prey’s world. With its constant threat of the Mimetics, occasional jump scares and its science fiction history, Prey succeeds as one of the best psychological horrors of the generation.

20. Stories Untold

Stories Untold is a new version of the text adventures of decades ago. There is nothing in the realm of monsters or jump scares here; Stories Untold succeeds in its underlying psychological horror, thanks to the clever script and puzzle design that will keep you engaged through its four connected stories.

19. SOMA

The atmospheric horror of SOMA and its occasional surprises work thanks to the brilliant setting of the underground research centre. However, it is its existential horror – a grim look at the potential future of humanity and the Artificial Intelligences – that makes it stand out as one of the most fearsome and provocative games of the generation.

18. Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs

Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs swaps the jump scars of its predecessors for a slower, more terrifying journey through the eyes of Oswald Mandus. A Machine For Pigs is not the expected sequel to Dark Descent, but nevertheless succeeds in its more personal story and disturbing world.

17. Bloodborne

Bloodborne may be considered one of the best action RPGs of the generation, but it is also a masterful version of survival and Gothic horror. Through its storytelling, world design, monster design and constant threat of death, Bloodborne is one of the most tense and terrifying experiences you’ll find on PS4.

16. Yomawari: The Long Night Collection

“Turn off all the lights and concentrate only on this screen,” says a message before the start of Midnight Shadows, one of the two games included in The Long Night Collection. He then asks if you promise not to look away, which you must select yes, though we doubt it’s a promise all players can keep.

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Don’t let their cute style fool you: these games crawl through their atmosphere and design. Beautiful, unsettling, and at times disconcerting, Yomawari masterfully juxtaposes children’s art and adult themes.

15. Little Nightmares

Like Yomawari, Little Nightmares cannot be taken literally. As the pages of this storybook-style cartoon adventure turn, its grotesque character design and gruesome varieties of death are revealed. Tense chase sequences add up to a memorable and relatively familiar horror experience.

14. Until Dawn

Until Dawn has all the best (and worst) qualities of a B-movie horror film: camp, gore, death, interpersonal tension, cheesy dialogue, a predictable plot and excessive jump scares. It’s not for everyone, but it’s a lot of fun and the closest you’ll find to a playable version of the film The Woodshed (2011).

13. The Last of Us

The disturbing nature of the infected of The Last of Us (the Clickers and their horrible sounds), would have earned a place for itself. However, it is the human element of Naughty Dog’s masterpiece (remember David?) that provides the true post-apocalyptic horror.

(Yes, The Last of Us was a state-of-the-art game, but since its remastered version is great, we’ve included it in our list.)

12. Doki Doki Literature Club

More than any other game on this list, it’s hard to define what makes Doki Doki Literature Club so disconcerting without spoiling it. The best horror games keep you nervous after you stop playing, and few games do it as well as Doki Doki.

11. Five Nights at Freddy’s

Five Nights at Freddy’s became a cult after its effective jump scares. While its design is simple, its success is perhaps best attributed to its passive approach to the game: you’re not exploring an abandoned asylum, sailing around a haunted house or even hunting monsters; you’re sitting back and waiting for danger to come your way.

10. The Forest

The Forest begins in lush, serene forests with bright greens and warm sunlight. Then come the cannibals, and the serenity of The Forest becomes pure terror. An intelligent AI system that prevents enemies from attacking blindly keeps you alert and makes scares much more effective when they choose to attack.

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9. The Evil Within 2

Take The Evil Within, expand its world, further limit its resources, add a more coherent story and you’ll have a great sequel to an already excellent survival horror experience. It’s one of the most complete horror experiences of the generation, and although its scares often outweigh those of the first, familiarity buffers the fear, and for that reason we give your predecessor a slight edge.

8. The Evil Within

Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami’s return to survival horror came in 2014 with The Evil Within, and he did not disappoint. With roots in RE, The Evil Within thrived thanks to challenging gameplay, limited resources, an inspired world, a compelling story and a terribly horrific enemy design: The Keeper, Laura, Zehn and Neun, to name a few.

7. Detention

Quiet and disconcerting, Detention is a slow-paced 2D horror game that takes place mostly in an abandoned school. This is not a direct horror; it is a reflective, emotional and psychological horror rooted in mid-century Taiwanese history. From character design and movement to ambient art and lighting, Detention subtly nails the atmospheric horror of the genre’s best games.

6. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

By the time Resident Evil 7 arrived, the most prolific horror franchise in video games had lost its way, gradually shifting to action-packed games. RE6 was a turning point for the main series, and after a five-year hiatus, Capcom returned with the most terrifying and inventive game in the series since RE4.

For the first time in the history of the series, RE7 used a first-person perspective, a controversial decision for a historically third-person franchise. However, the decision was worth it, as RE7’s new perspective increased immersion and therefore scares, and opened the door to an even more terrifying virtual reality experience. Despite the change in perspective and initial disconnect from the series of other games, RE7 proved to be the most “Resident Evil” game in years, paving the way for this year’s exceptional RE2 Remake and an exciting future for the survival horror franchise.

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5. Outlast 2

As with the Evil Within series, Outlast’s second installment expanded the scope and scale of the original, while maintaining what made the horror of the original so effective. With unparalleled disturbing imagery, grotesque enemy design, a murderous cult rooted in religion, fast (shock) scares, slow (psychological) scares and a coherent story to boot, Outlast 2 has a dash of well-crafted horror for every type of horror fan.

4. Resident Evil 2 Remake

Capcom provided us with a masterful remake of Resident Evil 2. An already stellar survival horror game was enhanced by exponentially improved graphics, better character models, a more threatening version of Mr. X, a more fluid over-the-shoulder camera angle, and much more.
Leaving aside the 2019 improvements, RE2 remains one of the most effective horror games in terms of generating tension: resources are scarce, the sound design is excellent and the constant threat of Mr. X and its improved stalking ability is only surpassed by that of the next game’s antagonist.

3. Alien: Isolation

Alien: Isolation nails both the survival and terror aspects of the genre. It’s not the scariest game of the generation, but at best, its terror is unmatched by any other game in the last six years. Beyond this generation, few games have reached the level of tension-filled gameplay that constitutes most of Alien: Isolation, as the Xenomorph’s sharp, focused hunting ability leaves little time for respite in its 15-20 hour duration.

2. Outlast

With Outlast, developer Red Barrels took the found footage genre of film and turned it into a five-hour interactive nightmare. Outlast gives players nothing in terms of defense; it’s a cat-and-mouse game, where you’re the mouse and the cats are hyper-aggressive and disfigured patients in a supposedly abandoned psychiatric hospital.

In addition, Outlast effectively turns your eyesight into a resource in the game; most of the hospital is only visible through the green grainy lens of your camera’s night vision, and that camera is based on batteries scattered throughout the building. When you can see what’s chasing you, Outlast is as scary as any game on this list. When the lights go out, it’s almost in a league of its own.

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1. P.T.

True, P.T. wasn’t a full release, and it’s no longer available for download, but the playable teaser was the scariest video game released this generation.

The result of an industry collaboration (the kind that happens once a generation of consoles) between acclaimed creators Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro, P.T. was revealed through an indescribable teaser at Gamescom 2014, followed by a silent launch at PlayStation Store. Hours later, the puzzle was solved and P.T. was revealed as Silent Hills.

Although the code was cracked, the solution was not clear. P.T. became an obsession, as players on the Internet (Twitter, Reddit, Twitch, YouTube, NeoGAF and other forums) tried to reconstruct exactly how to get to the real end of P.T.

Kojima’s grand plan paid off, at least for a while: P.T. was downloaded over a million times in a month, and remained at the center of the gaming world for weeks, a massive accomplishment in an industry that moves and evolves every day.

Then there was the game itself, which was as scary as it was fascinating to watch. P.T. was located in a single, beautifully rendered, looped hallway. Turning a corner was still as scary the first time around as it was on the 15th. The subtle changes in the environment on each circuit took advantage of the players’ familiarity expectations and added a disturbing life to a seemingly restricted playing area.

Like the other top entries on this list, you are completely vulnerable in P.T., unable to manipulate the playable character beyond walking. You can’t fight. You can’t hide. One misstep can result in failure, and the price of failure is high when Lisa was always behind you.

Of course, Silent Hills would never come to fruition. Konami-san officially canceled the project one day after P.T. was removed from the PS Store, and with that, the strange story of the scariest game of the generation came to an end.

I hope you liked these video games and that you’ll be brave enough to play them, as always this article is based on my opinion. A hug !

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