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😭 Top 6 Saddest Video Games that will make you cry

Whenever we think of video games, a fun experience comes to mind, sometimes serious, sometimes frenetic, sometimes complicated… But rarely do we think of them as the triggers of sadness, as the ones guilty of making us cry and wearing out tissues at a spasmodic speed.

The environment has evolved a great deal throughout its life cycle. From the first pixels on the screen, it became clear that it was possible to do more than just entertain, to tell stories that would engage the public and not just be limited to mindless leisure. Thus, there are many games that count among their goodness (or badness, depending on the point of view) with the ability to move for good or bad, to reach the player’s heart with an emotional story, with something so sad that it makes you break inside while trying to keep the little stoicism you have left with the controller in your hands.

Today we want to talk to you about these experiences, making a list of the saddest video games that will make you cry when you reach the final credits. We warn you, if you are faced with any of them, have a good handful of handkerchiefs nearby for what might happen.

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Top 6 Depressing Games of All Time

These sad video games don’t have to be just that. We want to make it clear that they are entertaining and many of them full of action. However, they are video games with sad, depressing and melancholy endings that will leave you thinking a lot about playing them again. This list is selected as a top, from the least sad game to the one with the most unhappy ending.

6. The Last Guardian

An adventure that, although it sometimes manages to drive you crazy, gradually makes you connect with Tirco in a special way, almost as much as you would with a pet you grew up with.

You’ve been through countless good and bad times together and, in the end, you see how the rest of his species try to finish him off while you’re there, watching as you can’t do anything.

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Even so, in its last throes, this creature tries to bring you back to yours to disappear completely. One of the saddest moments in video games, which then gives rise to a little hope while you are missing your handkerchiefs. Ueda, we hate you.

5. To the Moon

Indie titles tend to be much more about slaughtering your heart with real emotional games, and To the Moon became extremely popular because of it.

Forget about the simplicity of this RPGMaker creation, its soundtrack and story mark you from start to finish.

Understanding everything that happens while those tunes are coming through your ears… Everything, absolutely everything has made many players end up in tears.

4. Mother 3

Shigesato Itoi did not see enough to punish the family of the protagonist, Luke, in this way. He loses his mother and his brother at the beginning of the adventure, his father comes to the brink of madness as a result of this; but, as if that were not enough, the outcome is something very hard.

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This little boy discovers that his twin brother, Claus, is the one who is really behind the identity of Masked Man and, worse still, both have to fight through tears to prevent the world from coming to an end.

The final battle is one of the saddest and unhappiest we have ever encountered as players, and not precisely because of its difficulty. Choosing commands through tears is no easy task.

3. Halo Reach

The fate of the Noble team is a misfortune that no one expected, although it was intuited. Despite being fond of the members of this elite Spartan group through all events, the Reach planet shows no mercy.

In the end, you watch each and every one of them die at the hands of a ruthless enemy. In fact, even you, the sixth member of this patrol, end up dying after managing to discover the Halo where the first video game in the franchise was to take place.

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Your sacrifice is a glimmer of hope for a humanity besieged by an alien race that had no intention of taking prisoners. One of the saddest scenes in video games.

2. Terranigma

If it’s already sad to discover that everything you’ve been doing during the adventure is aimed at making things easy for an evil entity, finding out that beating it will mean your own end is even harder to assume.

The end of Terranigma has all the right elements to leave a deep impression on the player. You spend the whole story trying to get back to Naomi, thinking about her while watching humanity return and grow.

You are betrayed and end up fighting an evil entity, and all to end up reduced to oblivion. The sequence of credits, with that seagull that symbolizes the spirit of Ark immersed in an eternal dream, is as memorable as it is tearful. No doubt a game ending that will make you cry.

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1. Life is Strange

A narrative adventure that becomes an experience that not only engulfs you, but also captivates you irrevocably.

All its history, its characters, what happens between them and how everything is intertwined gives rise to a title that touches the heart.

If you’ve ever had a really close friendship, this story will not only make you feel sad, it will hurt. Especially when you see that everything that happens is a consequence of all the decisions that you make and the acts that you carry out.

What did you think of our article with the most emotional games and saddest endings?. Leave us a comment if you know of any others. See you next time!

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