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๐Ÿ’ฅ What TYPE of VIDEO GAME Should I PLAY?

Who hasn’t ever played a video game? The main objective of video games is entertainment, whether for adults or for the little ones in the house.

Generally speaking, videogames recreate virtual environments and situations in which the videogamer can control one or more characters (or any other element of that environment), to achieve one or more objectives by means of certain rules. However, the world of virtual games is so extensive that before continuing it is essential to establish a classification of video games. First we will take into account the differentiation between video games for children and for adults, then we will classify them by subject, and finally by type of video game. I hope I can help you figure out what type of video games you should play.

For example, with regard to the family environment, many parents are unaware of the types of games that exist and that their children play. Some parents with minor children have rules for the use of video games by their children. Among the measures most used by parents is to control the time spent in front of the computer, but it is also essential to know and have information about the types of video games available to children.

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One of the first questions that arises is: What are the types of video games for children? In a first filter we could distinguish between entertainment video games and other types of educational video games. This leads to discussions about the correct use of video games. Some sectors tend to discourage their use among children, while others defend it because they have the advantage that child users easily understand the purpose of the game, contrary to what often happens to children in their studies. Furthermore, video games allow instant replay and retry after a mistake in an environment without unfavourable consequences.

From that first classification, it is time to analyze them by subject: How many types of video games are there? We can find a lot of variety and different types of role games, in which the user plays a certain role or personality. When a person plays the role of X it means that he is playing the role of a player character. This is a small list of types of videogames, in which we can make this classification:

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Types ofย  Videogames

Action: Fighting and wrestling. Based on repetition exercises (for example, pressing a button to make the character perform an action).

Arcade: Platforms, mazes, adventures. The user must overcome screens to continue playing. They impose a fast pace and require minimum reaction times. For example, the game The last of us by Sony in which the user plays the role of a survivor. He has to deal with fiercely infected and ruthless human bandits.

Sports: Football, tennis, basketball and driving. They recreate various sports. They require skill, speed and precision. Like Sony’s basketball nba.

Strategy: Adventures, role-playing, war games… They consist of drawing up a strategy to overcome the opponent. They require concentration, knowing how to manage resources, thinking and defining strategies.

Simulation: Airplanes, simulators of a situation or instruments… They allow to experiment and to investigate the operation of machines, phenomena, situations and to assume the control.

Board games: Skill, questions and answers… The computer technology that replaces the traditional game material and even the opponent.

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Musical games: Games that induce the player’s interaction with music and whose objective is to follow the patterns of a song. As it can be the case of the voice game for ps3 in which the lyrics of the song appear on the screen next to some bars that indicate how we are singing, if we are approaching the tone of the song and the score we are getting.
As for the types of video game consoles that exist we can classify them into two types:

Type of Game Consoles

Pocket consoles: Ideal for those who want to start slowly in the world of video games. For what type of player? Strategy and educational games are very popular with children. Since it fits perfectly in a pocket, it is ideal for having fun anywhere.

Living room consoles: Such as the well-known “the Xbox“, which has developed multimedia capabilities similar to those of a professional computer, the PlayStation is a sales success for Sony not only for the device but also for its innumerable accessories: steering wheel, gun, guitars, memory cards, etc., as is the case with the Sony PlayStation 4 Slim 1TB console and finally, the Nintendo Wii, popularly known as “the Wii”; it is innovative because it has revolutionized the way players play by offering them interaction through a controller that forces them to move around in space.

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Little quiz to find out what kind of gamer you are

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